Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bye-bye pre-baby body

A baby changes your figure.  There's no way around it.  Even if you lose the weight (and I'm about 5kg off), there's all that extra skin that was stretched to buggery when your stomach was out to wharzoo.  And your boobs, whether you breastfeed or not, will never be the same size again.  Things move.  Things expand and shrink.  Therefore, so does your wardrobe.

Today I'm putting my winter clothes away and bringing out my summer clothes, and I reckon I'm about to donate $2000 worth of clothes that don't fit and will never fit me again.  When I did this this time last year, I was still hopeful that I'd lose more weight and things would move back where they belonged, so I held on to a lot of it.  Not this year.  I understand now that this is what my body is going to be like from here on in - wider hips, bigger boobs and a softer, pudgier tummy.   Tops have to be long enough to cover my tummy now.  Shorts have to be long enough to cover most of my thighs.  And muffin tops are only good for eating!

I'm going to be a little sad today, mourning the loss of my pre-baby body.  Hec, I looked great a few years ago, but as with most women, I didn't appreciate it then - I do now though!  And in about 10 years time, I'll probably appreciate my 33-year-old figure more than I do now!  However, I'd much rather cull all my tight and ill-fitting clothes now, leaving only comfortable clothes that fit me well, rather than prolong the pain throughout summer, getting upset every time I pull out a pair of shorts that I can't get past my knees, or a top whose buttons refuse to stay shut across my chest.  In short, I'm taking steps now to ensure a happy summer season ahead!

In other news, I ran my first 5km fun run on September 2 and it was WONDERFUL!  I went for my first run last night since the race two-and-a-half weeks ago and it felt great!  It hurt, and I was thankful that I had to wait at two rail crossings so I could stretch and catch my breath, but I'm back on the bandwagon!  I just need to find another fun run to keep me moving on these forthcoming hot Australian evenings!  Ahh, summer in Australia.  Bleck!

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