Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Facebook ditch?

Relatives of mine ditched their Facebook accounts last week, and it got me thinking – should I do the same?  If I’m honest, which is pretty much always, I’m a bit addicted to Facebook but particularly when I’m at work and there’s a few minutes lull in the workflow.  “I’ll just check Facebook,” I think… about 20 times a day.  And in this current climate with yet another round of redundancies around the corner at work, should I REALLY be checking Facebook at work 20 times a day?  Yeah, me either.

But it’s more than showing my bosses I’m not a slacker. 

I have 166 “friends”, some I haven’t “spoken to” since we friended each other several years ago.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like them or they don’t like me – we just don’t talk.  When I “friend” someone on Facebook or accept a friend request, it is because I genuinely like that person and would like to hear from them and keep in touch.  We all learned that lesson when Facebook was new and we friended anyone and everyone we’d ever met and ended up with 400 friends we could barely remember meeting in person!  There is one such old “friend” that I would love to hear from and reform a friendship with, but they seem content just to be number 150-something of 166 friends.  Weird.  But not unusual.  I’m not taking it personally.  Moving on!

But on throwing the question out there “What impression of me do you have from my Facebook life?” I was pleasantly surprised by the people who responded and what they had to say.  So then I think, “Hmm, perhaps I shouldn’t leave this little (massive) community just yet?  While I don’t hear from many people, there are actually people who take an interest in what I’m making for dinner or what epiphany I’ve had while hanging up the washing.  (Well, perhaps not interest so much as entertained by!)  And what if someone from 1987 wants to find me?”

And that is the dilemma – while I don’t always make contact with the 166 people on Facebook, I like knowing that I can.  If they need me for whatever reason, I know they can find me.  And if I ever need them, I know where to find them.  It’s the old fashioned equivalent of having everyone’s phone number in your old address book, though without the constantly changing numbers when people move cities!  And in those days, you didn’t rip out a page just because that person/those people hadn’t called you in two years.

But it’s more than the “friends” who aren’t actually friends.  Here is another reason to keep it. 

My life from 2007 onwards is on my Facebook account.  The milestones – meeting and falling in love with my now husband; rediscovering my faith and passion for Jesus; new jobs; moving cities; finding out I was pregnant and that whole journey; and now all the photos and stories of our beautiful girl – the ups and downs; the good, the bad, the ugly and the hilarious.  That’s all on Facebook, and if I take it down forever, I’ll lose that “family album”.  It would take me weeks to go through all my photos and save them.  But Facebook won’t be around forever so it’s probably not a bad job to start.

But it’s more than my family album.  And here’s the big reason to delete my account.

I want to focus on and add some new things into my life that are healthier and more productive – like starting to run again (but oh Lordy, that is going to hurt!), starting yoga, spending more time with friends, and no-technology-time with my husband.  And no, that’s not “code” for anything!  I mean spending time with my husband that doesn’t involve sitting in front of the TV, or sitting beside each other on the couch but each playing a game on our phones or checking Facebook for the 100th time that day.

I don’t think I’ll go anywhere just yet – I need to get organised and save all those photos and videos first – and besides, how can I let anyone whose interested know that I’ve written another blog post??

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fight the frumps

My body and I have been around the block a few times.  We’ve run down dark roads on cold nights at 2am in high heels, hiding from passing cars in sugar cane fields (you know, just in case there was a mass murderer passing through town!).  We’ve jumped off roofs, out of planes, tripped down gutters, grown a baby, been in a car accident or two, run a race, skinned our knees and hands, broken a bone, crashed while skiing and slid downhill on my face, and all the rest. 
So, standing in the shower this week, it occurred to me just how little I actually look after my body.  I rarely do anything with my hair other than what one or two bobby pins can tackle.  I can’t remember the last time I went to a beautician for any reason.  My mum shouts me a haircut or two a year and I haven’t dyed the (ahhm!) greys for more than six months so I’m looking a little more salt and pepper than the 90s rapper girls.  And more often than not, my toenail or fingernail polish will wear off before I have a chance to get it with remover.  And that’s pretty sad people!  And I resolved to do something about it!
Now, money is tight so as much as I’d love to book in for a weekly massage like I used to in my single days, there are a few things I can do to look after my “vehicle” a little better.
1.        I can moisturise.  I’m usually beyond ready for bed by the time I get out of the shower at night, so I’m not going to kid myself into thinking I can do this every night, but I will try and do it more often than my current twice-a-winter.

2.       I can keep my polish in a reasonable state, especially when summer comes and my toes will be out in the breeze more often.

3.       I can dye my own hair.  Hair colour is regularly on special, so $15 for a box of colour every once in a while isn’t going to cause a mortgage default!

4.       I can make an effort to blowdry my hair before bed more often.  Sure it’s not perfect when I get up the next morning, but it sure is better than the scarecrow straw look I have going on most mornings after I’ve washed my hair!  Hence the bobbypins.

5.       I can give myself manicures, pedicures and facials at home sometimes.  Granted it’s never as nice as when you have it done professionally, but it’s better than nothing!

6.       Make-up and I get along about as well as me and hair product.  I love how I look with make-up on (especially when professionally done), but the next time I look in the mirror after applying it, you can’t even tell I’m wearing anything and my freckles and dark circles look just the same as always, so what’s the point?  It's like it just soaks in and disappears!  But a little compact “pat” every now and again through the day and a top-up of lippy (or pawpaw cream) helps.  Not every day, but at least on my office days.
7.       An occasional splurge isn’t going to break us, so perhaps every three or four months I will go and have a massage, or a facial, or have my eyebrows shaped *insert dreamy sigh here*

8.       Get moving!  I am still learning to walk properly after breaking my foot, so running is off the agenda for a while, but I’ve found a local yoga class at the end of my street.  I went on Monday night for my first class and really enjoyed myself – perhaps a little too much given I fell asleep in meditation!  The teacher is easily in her 50s and isn’t a small woman by any means, but my is she flexible!  I think going to her classes as often as I am able will also help my physical and mental health.  And it's so close I will be able to walk... when I can walk again!

9.       Me time.  I have a few really great friends who I love spending time with, and I’m always excited to make new friends, but I am one of those people who needs alone time to really recharge.  I’ve been so busy lately (and having lots of fun with friends) that I haven’t had much quiet time.  Again yoga and getting back out running will help when I’m able to do that again, but I will also try and find some time to myself – hec, even having an early shower and going to bed on my own to read for a while is enough to make me happy!

10.   Put in a bit more effort generally.  Yes I am at home doing the washing and cleaning and haven’t looked in the mirror that day, but instead of the tracksuit pants I will try and reach for a pair of jeans instead.  And instead of a super-sloppy jumper, perhaps a nice warm pullover instead.  And swap the Ugg boots for sneakers.  Frumpy is comfortable, but it does nothing to make you feel like a non-frump.

And a little aside here for my husband, who loves me even when I really am looking like a troll!  The man sure has his rosy glasses on when it comes to how beautiful he thinks his wife is, and I am so blessed by that!  I love that he loves my heart, even when the rest of me looks like something that fell out of a donation clothes bin backwards.  Thank you!